Customer Service Representative Needed For Client Reviews (Youngstown, FL)

Company Name:
We're looking for experienced or amateur customer service support specialists to function for us. We're looking for five to 7 motivated people that are able to function with tight deadlines and under their own self supervision.
We need you to perform certain projects with our partners and clients, and make sure their process functions smoothly for their prospective users and clients. We would need you to do some data entry to appear for bugs and/or errors that occur during the process of clients going via their web sites, etc. In the event you function well as a customer service clerk, you will have a lot much more employment coming up. No encounter is needed even though the better a writer you're, the much more you can expect to earn.
In order to be accepted, we need you to write a test "customer experience" report primarily based on what you discover. No encounter is needed; even though the better writer you're the much more you can expect to earn. Following effectively submitting your info there, you will be prompted to submit your resume or CV to us.
Since we don't prefer to be spammed with fake resumes or spyware on right here, we need you to submit your application within the type of a customer service review, and after that upload your resume.
Your pay will probably be generous, based on your encounter and writing ability, and we can provide as a lot function as you can handle. So visit the link below and show us you are great at emulating a "customer" and great at following instructions by doing 2 issues:
1 Test our customer form and check for errors or issues and NOTE Particulars IF ANY!
2 Report the issue (if any) you found in step 1 above.
Go to this link to begin:--->>> http://customerserviceclerk.gigmarketer.com/bpbo/
Steve S. Maynard
Human Resources Administration

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